Jackson is 2!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE LOVE! We had the best day celebrating Jackson's 2nd birthday! Even though we couldn't have the big party

We’re In This Together!

Life is looking a little different this week and I get it. The unknown of it all. From the chaotic

Training for a Half Marathon

Literally words I thought I’d never say, let alone actually follow through on 💯 And yet here we are, just

13 Fun Facts About Me

You all know I'm a designer, big-dreamer and color-lover, but like every other human, I'm 3-dimensional and have a background

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

One of my absolute favorite Christmas traditions began when I was just a little girl-- maybe 3 or 4 years

House of Brazier is ONE! 🎉✨

YOU GUYS, House of Brazier officially launched ONE YEAR ago! 🙌🏼🎉✨ Say whhaaat?! It’s been a crazy whirlwind and I’m