8 Months and All Action

I can’t believe our little love is already 8 months! He decided to crawl exactly one month ago and it’s been non-stop ever since! It was absolutely adorable watching him crawl across the floor to our puppy— well, maybe more like our cell phones, but still. The happy squeals of delight that came from him made my heart melt and I’m so thankful we have it on video from two angles! Mine was watching from overhead and the side, while Rob’s phone was on the floor with the camera reversed to face Jackson as he crawled towards it! His little look of determination to get that phone was hilarious!



But that was just the beginning! In a few short days, he had figured out how to use his Bumbo to pull himself up and assist him while “standing” (you know, hands on Bumbo, legs straight, but nowhere to go) in his play pen (4moms, it’s the best!) We’re constantly impressed with him and how quickly he learns something! A week later, I walked into his room to find him standing at the side of the crib with a GIANT smile on his face! I called Rob in super quick to see him before he moved and snapped a couple photos– he was so proud of himself! We obviously had to lower the mattress that night too!

Standing!ย ย img_0611

Then he discovered how to use the Bumbo to “stand” and then reach up and hold onto the sides of the play pen too. And this was all within 2 weeks. Now he stands at his crib and play pen all. the. time. Sitting and chilling isn’t in his nature. I swear I have no idea where his energy comes from! If he doesn’t want to nap, he’s standing at the crib. Awake in the middle of the night? Standing at the crib. Every morning? Standing at the crib with a smile. Let’s just say he’s got this part down. He’s just the happiest little love and we’re just waiting for him to start walking– because we know it’s right around the corner!

He also loves his solid food and we recently started him on Puffs, which he instantly loved. The first couple of times, we just fed him, but then we spread them all out on the high chair tray and watched him go to work. He can now pick them up in his hand or in between his fingers, change hands if needed, and put them in his mouth. We’re so proud of him! He gets better and better every time. He’s tried almost every veggie and we would guess that sweet potatoes, butternut squash and avocados are among his faves! And we tried a new one last weekend– scrambled eggs! That was a win too.


His babbling is still going strong and we have yet to have a word associated with anything specific. “Ba-ba…. ba-ba-ba” is the most frequent by far! I’m waiting for “mama”!

His first Christmas was magical and he was mesmerized by the lights and then again with fireworks on New Years, but that’s for another post ๐ŸŽ„ Hoping you all had a wonderful start to 2019 and we’ll see what 8 months has in store for us!

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