I love this month! There are so many special memories tied to May for Rob and I and last year we added the best one yet. Today’s the 3rd…. meaning Jackson is one year old! I seriously can’t believe it– I know that everyone tells you it flies, but holy cow, does it ever! It’s been a whirlwind, a game-changer and the absolute best thing ever. Becoming a mom felt completely natural and I love this little nugget more than the stars in the sky! We are so incredibly blessed to be his parents– his sweet nature, happy spirit and adorable smile light up a room! We can’t wait to share things with him, teach him, watch him grow and have adventures together! He is pure joy ✨

Annnnndddd, the book I wrote for him arrived today! I am over the moon! I have the biggest dreams for Jackson and who he will become, but at the same time, my dreams grew bigger and bigger because of him. He’s changed my world for the better and I know that we’ll both continue to grow into the people we’re meant to be. It’s a process we’re in together– because if you think you’re only teaching them, think again! He teaches me daily, whether it’s patience or to be present and soak in the moment or just by watching his sheer will and determination. If there’s anything I’ve taken away from the past year (let’s be real, there’s a million things!), it’s the persistence he has while learning to do something new. Everything is new and he doesn’t even understand the concept of not trying or failing– he’s so smart and learns so quickly (take a look at my end-of-year recaps too!) It’s impressive really– hilarious at times and frustrating at others. But we roll with the punches and take things as they come. Because you can only control so much! I’ve never slept less in my life or felt like a feeding trough more. I’ve never wished for more showers or not cared when I didn’t get them. I didn’t know I’d be excited about poop or be ok with a handful of puke. I didn’t know how many “firsts” there would truly be and how I could get more excited each time. And I never knew I could hold my heart outside of my body, but it’s completely possible! We are head over heels for our sweet boy and seeing his face light up makes my world turn! We’re so excited for what’s in store!



P.S. If you’re pregnant or a few months behind us and have questions, feel free to ask me whatever you want! There will be an update coming soon on what products we used most, what we loved, didn’t need and have bought in the past few months!


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