Stars and Stripes Rice Krispie Treats

Happy July! Rob’s birthday was yesterday and we celebrated with friends over the weekend with a little bit of Fourth of July spirit! I made a super cute and easy treat for everyone and have gotten so many questions about it, that I’m officially documenting it so you can do it too! These babies are definitely an All-American hit!

You only need a few things and in an effort to save time, I bought a box of Rice Krispie Treat bars that were ready to go! Here’s the list you’ll need:

  • Rice Krispie Treat bars
  • Wilton Candy Melts in red and blue (check stores that have cake decorating supplies like Michael’s, JoAnn’s, Hobby Lobby, or Walmart)
  • Flag straws (got mine at Hobby Lobby)
  • Wilton White Decorating Icing (grocery store)
  • Star sprinkles (check stores that have cake decorating supplies like Michael’s, JoAnn’s, Hobby Lobby, or Walmart… I think my mom found these at Walmart)

I bought the box of 40 RKT bars since it was a party and I knew the kids would love them– they definitely were eating them before dinner! I ended up dipping 15 red and 15 blue– here’s the step by step!

Step 1: Melt the candy in a glass 1 or 2 cup Pyrex (it’s best to have something tall and narrow vs. wide and shallow). I used about 3/4 of the bag. Be sure to microwave it on 50% power for 30 seconds each time, stirring in between. I did about 4 times. If it seems too thick, you can add 1 tsp of coconut oil (or olive oil) to thin it down. You can add more as needed if it begins to thicken before you’re finished dipping.

Step 2: Cut your straws in half while the candy is melting and unpackage Rice Krispie Treats so they’re prepped and ready. Use the straw or something thin and sharp to make a hole on one end so it’s easier to place the straws later. Use parchment or wax paper to set dipped RKTs on to dry.

Step 3: Dip 1/3 of the RKT in the red candy melt and place on wax or parchment paper to dry. These will need to dry completely before adding the white stripes. Dip the end of the straw in the candy melt and insert into the pre-made hole– the candy melt acts as glue to secure it!

Step 4: Add the thin white stripes to the dry red bars by laying them on their back and letting the frosting spill over onto the sides when drizzling the front. Let them lay there to dry before standing up!

Step 5: Repeat steps above for the blue candy melt. As soon as you dip these, add the star sprinkles on the front and sides of the candy before placing on the parchment or wax paper to dry. I sprinkled these on the bars over a bowl so it caught the sprinkles that fell. Let them dry and then insert straws!

Arrange them on a cute platter and you’re ready to go!


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