Jackson is 2!


We had the best day celebrating Jackson’s 2nd birthday! Even though we couldn’t have the big party with all our friends and family that we planned, #quarantinebirthday, we made the best of it and he loved it. I had everything planned out a few months earlier and already had most of the supplies before we went into quarantine, but ordered a few more things I needed from Amazon– thankfully they’re still delivering!

He loves all things stars and moons, and we read Goodnight Moon every night, so I decided on a TWO THE MOON birthday theme with all of the moons, stars and galaxy fun we could do! I also figured this would probably be the last party theme that I got to pick since he’s already so opinionated haha!

Rob and I put all the decorations together the night before the party after we put Jackson to bed– it didn’t take that long with the two of us working together! We hung the galaxy backdrop with staples and used a navy tablecloth for the table. Even though the balloon kit had the DIY garland strip, I had a previous roll that was already open so we used that and got to work. Oh and make sure you have a balloon hand-pump so you’re not getting light-headed blowing up so many balloons! I would call out what color and size I wanted and Rob was in charge of blowing them up. I had other navy blue balloons at home and alternated between the two navys for a bit of dimension and then strategically placed the whites, golds and clear confetti balloons as I went. If you’ve never used the garland strip to make these balloon garlands, it’s seriously the easiest thing ever! I added in the silver Mylar stars last and then strung the gold and silver moon and star garland off to the side. The giant Mylar 2 and moon anchored the ends and I totally love how it turned out! Scroll down for the links to everything I used!

Jackson was so surprised to see it the next morning and absolutely loved it! We had left a handful of balloons on the table and floor so he could play with them and he ran and jumped around all morning shouting, “birthday, birthday, happy birthday!” Hahaha, it was so hilarious! We made chocolate chip pancakes and then some friends dropped by with presents– soo sweet of them!– before a few family members came over.

We had lunch and let the kids play in the bounce house and trampoline (his birthday present from us that we gave to him a couple months early when quarantine started!),  played corn hole, set up the kiddie pool and he had a blast. Since we couldn’t have the big party, we had sent out invites for everyone else to join us virtually on Zoom. They all signed in to say hi and sing happy birthday to him before blowing out the candles on his cake. It was really nice to see everyone and I’m glad we were able to make that work!

Mom made the cake and desserts and I loved it! And Jackson did too– “mama, more….” haha! We did a blue velvet cake with galaxy swirl buttercream filling and hand painted buttercream frosting. She made sugar cookies with a hand-painted watercolor design and funfetti galaxy cake pops! I think she knocked it outta the park!

We took photos and videos of him opening his presents– he gets so animated and excited!– and sent them to everyone who gave him something so they could see. It was pretty stinking adorable and they all appreciated the thoughtfulness!

I’m so thankful for everyone that loves on our little and I can’t believe it’s been two years already! Time really does fly when you suddenly start tracking it by your kid’s ages!

Jackson Maverick,

We are so incredibly blessed to be your parents and absolutely adore the sweet, smart, strong and curious little love that you are. You constantly amaze us with your quick learning and outside the box thinking! Your smile and laughter light up a room and your favorite phrases are “I got you!” and “I play outside,” followed closely by the daily “drive truck” request and “wow! It’s tasty!” exclamation. You’re hands-down our favorite climber, speed racer, and mini-me’s to a T. We love you “two the moon” and more than all the stars baby!

Happy birthday my love!

Love, Mama and Dada


Backdrop: Galaxy backdrop

Balloons: Gold Mylar 2, Silver Mylar Moon and Stars, Kit: Navy, Clear with Gold Confetti, Gold, White with balloon garland strip

Banner: Two The Moon (silver glitter)

Garland: Gold and Silver Moon and Stars

Cake, Cake pops, Cookies: Sweet Celebrations (my mom!)

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