What I Love Most About Being a Designer

We all know I’m a color-lover and I love being a creative problem solver– that’s definitely not a secret! But my husband jokingly says I’m good at coloring and that’s why I love my job…. and that he’s going to get me crayons and colored pencils so I can keep working!

Uhhh, ya…. not quite babe! In reality, he’s super supportive, but knows and loves that it gets me fired up about EV.ER.Y.THING I do!  #entrepreneurlife

But beyond the colors and problem solving, what I really love about being a designer is creating a space that brings joy. After all is said and done (and designed and space planned and painted and ordered and installed and accessorized and… you get the picture), I get to transform people’s lives— sometimes it’s a kitchen or master bath and sometimes it’s literally out with the old and in with the new! My clients allow me into their lives, trust me to create their dreams and know I’ll bring their visions to life— the place they wake up to every morning and go to sleep at night, the place that they share with family and friends, where they host parties and holidays, where all the memories are made— man, what a humbling reality!

I’m there for it all— the ugly before photos, the dirty demo days, the foundation and framing stages, the hard surface happenings, the plumbing and lights, furniture and fixtures, and final install details— I absolutely love seeing every stage as we move through it! The transformation is incredible and being a part of that vision coming to life— from concept through completion— gives me so much joy!

I get so excited about it and I don’t even live there! But that’s how much I care about the process and the outcome. It lets me live out my creative spirit and serve others in the process. And that’s what I’m really doing– serving my clients so they have a space to call home that they truly love.

Head over to the portfolio and reveals to see what I’m talking about!

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