13 Fun Facts About Me

You all know I’m a designer, big-dreamer and color-lover, but like every other human, I’m 3-dimensional and have a background story and favorite things! So in the light-hearted spirit of getting to know one another, here are some things you may not know! Can you relate to any of these?! Let me know!

In no particular order…

  1. I’ve been skydiving twice
  2. I didn’t get curly hair till I was 14
  3. I applied for college as a graphic designer before switching to interiors my sophomore year
  4. I minored in photography
  5. I live on iced tea and chai tea lattes: I’ve never had a full cup of coffee
  6. My husband and I met on our college track team– he was a decathlete
  7. I’m a 6x Division 1 Track and Field Conference Champion (2 long jump, 2 triple jump and 2 team titles)
  8. One of my favorite days ever was right after our Hawaiian beach wedding for an underwater photoshoot in our wedding clothes
  9. I love traveling and have been to 23 countries
  10. I used to consume ungodly amounts of Dr. Pepper and quit cold turkey in 2013
  11. We rode our bikes 30 miles down the California coastline on Highway 1 for the Best Buddies Challenge
  12. I was a Level 10 competitive gymnast before switching to track my sophomore year of high school
  13. When I travel, I never eat at restaurants that I can go to at home… I love trying the local favorites!

What about you?! Are there any similarities?!

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