What The Flock?! — How to DIY a Flocked Christmas Tree!

Oh man, you guys! This was SO fun and I can’t wait for you to try it too! Sometimes I have these ideas and no clue how I’m going to do it, but I know I can figure it out with a little bit of research, creativity and outside the box problem solving. So when I couldn’t find a suitable faux red tree for the Sacred Heart Home Tour, I figured I would get it flocked and then spray paint it with red floral paint. But after some challenges with where to get it flocked (the trees were donated and didn’t have flocking as an option) and some reconsideration after nightmares of spray paint and tree lights getting caught on fire, I opted to can the spray paint (pun intended) and start back at square one. AND THANK GOD I DID! I found the most perfect red flocking and absolutely love the way it turned out! Here’s the full DIY with photos and videos– and the amazing after photos! PLEASE share your flocked trees with me once you try it! Post it to IG with #houseofbrazierflocked

Ok, first things first– this is the flocking I used. It’s actually a bonding flock– it’s pure cellulose, non toxic, flame retardant, biodegradable, shake proof, and rain and fog resistant, so it’s safe and environmentally friendly. Once it’s hardened and dry, it won’t fall off and get everything messy! Make sure you know how tall your tree will be so you can order the right amount of flocking. I knew I had a 7′ tree, so I ordered 6 pounds to be safe, but definitely had some left over. Let’s get to it!

STEP 1: Get your Christmas tree! We picked a 7′ Noble Fir from Green Acres, who generously donates them for the Tour.

STEP 2: Get it home and set up in a tree stand on a large plastic tarp or dropcloth outside or in a garage depending on the weather. We might have gone a little overboard with the plastic tarp walls too, but Rob really thought this would be the messiest DIY and was fully prepared to keep it contained. In all honesty, the plastic tarp room he made me in our garage was really impressive! (I’m not sure that extent is really needed though!) It only took him about ten minutes before I was ready to go! Make sure you have all of your supplies at hand and you’re set to get started!

– extra large plastic tarp for the floor (the thick kind from Home Depot– and you may not need it for the walls– your call!)

– flocking

– step ladder

– hose with spray nozzle

– large sifter or colander

– latex gloves

– large black trash bag to use as a poncho– you’ll see!

– shoes you don’t mind getting wet and maybe a little flocked– my Wellies were perfect!

STEP 3: Put on your garbage bag poncho and gloves if you want them! Get on your step stool with your hose and start lightly misting your tree from top to bottom. Be sure to cover everything you can see and get back in between the branches towards the trunk too. The flocking will only stick to what’s wet! A light mist is all you need– don’t drench it!

STEP 4: Put the hose down and grab your flocking and colander! Start at the top so all of the flocking that drops hits the branches below. Be sure to cover all of the branches! If you feel like something isn’t quite sticking, mist it gently without hitting anything that’s already been flocked. Pour a bag of flocking into the colander (do this over some tree branches to catch the little bit that falls through!) and begin shaking it over the tree starting at the top! After a little bit of shaking and sifting for an initial cover, I started using my hand and covering the branches in a little fuller. I really wanted this baby to have a heavy coat! If you get the red flocking that I did, you’ll notice that the flocking is pink and looks like Pepto Bismol covered the tree. DON’T WORRY! This is totally accurate!

STEP 5: Admire your fully flocked tree from all angles to make sure you’ve covered everything possible! Add more misting or flocking where needed. We ended up just using our hands to put the flocking on after a while and love how well it covered.

STEP 6: Get back on that step ladder and lightly mist the tree from top to bottom– again, making sure you mist all of the flocking in the back towards the trunk. Once the water hits the flocking, it will immediately turn it red! It was so cool to see and totally helpful because it lets you know what you’ve misted. The water activates the bonding in the flocking and will turn hard once dry. Continue until the entire tree is red! When you’re happy with it, call it a day (or night) and clean up your hands. Warm water and soap took any of the red right off! I also hosed off my Hunter boots and made sure I wouldn’t track any color inside!

STEP 7: Let this baby dry! Since mine was in the garage and cold, it didn’t dry super well overnight, but it was dry enough to transport. YES, I had to transport this experiment of mine from my house to the Home Tour house– in the back of the truck! We took some of the plastic walls down and laid them flat out on the ground and then took the tree and laid it down in the middle. We wrapped the entire tree in the plastic and Duct Taped it shut so it was completely protected. The plastic was also a lifesaver when we carried it into the house– we didn’t need any red walls happening! Once we put it in the correct location, we gently pulled the tape off and laid the plastic down around the base so the floors were covered. We had also put moving blankets down before moving it in so the plastic was now on top of the blankets too for protection all around. We let it dry overnight inside and that did the trick! The next morning, it was fully dry and ready for decorations! We added red lights, a mix of shiny, matte and glitter red ornaments, cranberry branches, velvet poinsettias and finished it off with gently curled ribbon streaming from the top!

And that’s how easy it is! It’s so much fun and makes such a statement! Have fun doing your own and use the hashtag #houseofbrazierflocked when you post it! Wishing you all the tree of your dreams and a Merry Christmas!

  • JennP

    February 6, 2023 at 3:10 pm Reply

    I have been hunting for what seems like years, for information on COLOUR flocking…THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I’ve never been more happy to see a tutorial in my life!! Also, the red tree is absolutely STUNNING!

    • House of Brazier

      March 6, 2023 at 3:43 pm Reply

      Aahhh!!! Yay! Thank you so much! I’m so glad you found this— happy flocking!

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