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Let’s just say this isn’t your normal business conference. We were actually excited to be going– like, really excited. Rob and I flew all the way across the country to Charleston, South Carolina (and the time change the next morning was not kind to those of us from the west coast!) for a super packed, three-day event with Rachel Hollis and a phenomenal set of speakers all on business. Over 6000 entrepreneurs showed up from all across the country, continent and world!

The mission? To honestly assess our businesses, take a deep look at where we’ve been, where we currently are and where we’re going. To dream crazy big dreams and get practical tools and advice on how to get there. To connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and have our hearts set on fire to close out the year knowing EXACTLY what needs to be done to level up. To know that we were made for more. To have fun, to dance and to learn from the best of the best in order to keep growing.

RISE Business brought the fire, the challenges to level up, to dream new dreams and set bigger goals, and the knowledge and plans to get there. This community is full of heart and it was such a blessing to be completely immersed for those three days. It not only challenged our businesses, but our personal life as well. If you can’t figure out your personal life, have a structure and good habits, and know what your why is, then your business is already headed in the wrong direction. They always say if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room. And I wholeheartedly believe that. As a baby entrepreneur, I knew I needed– and wanted– advice and training from someone waaaayyyy farther along than me! I took in as much as humanly possible– and there was a major overload of information, which means there’s a ton of work to do! We dove into products, services, branding, customer experiences, marketing, sales, finances, failures, wins, personal development and leadership. My workbook pages are full of notes and my brain is full of dreams and ideas on how to implement them. There were laughs and tears and new friends made and the best community you could ask for because, “A dream is not enough. You need a plan.”

I’ve heard Rachel speak before and loved it, so I knew this would be off the charts! I followed a bunch of the speakers already and added the newer names throughout the conference. Ed is a favorite of mine and I listen to his podcasts all the time so it was great to see him live. Brendon and Tom were amazing and probably some of my biggest take-aways besides Rachel. I also listen to Amy’s podcast and know that Chris Hogan is part of the Dave Ramsey family, which I love. I was so excited to hear everyone speak because the knowledge and value they bring to the stage is unreal. In case you haven’t heard of them all, I’ve linked their information for you below!

Rachel Hollis

Dave Hollis

Tom Bilyeu

Mally Roncal

Trent Shelton

Brendon Burchard

Amy Porterfield

Dean Graziosi

Ed Mylett

Marie Forleo

Chris Hogan

Scott Miller

I would have easily gone by myself, but I was even more excited that Rob and I could share this experience together! I couldn’t imagine coming home, super pumped and trying to download everything I’d learned in the past few days. It made way more sense for me to have him there! When the tickets first came out, I immediately called him and told him I wanted to go, but also wanted to see if he could get the time off of work to come with me. A day later, the tickets were purchased and the hotel and flights were booked– after making the decision to switch our flights and hotel from Cabo to South Carolina. It might not seem like the best swap to some people, but it was hands-down one of the best decisions of the year! Excelling in business gives you more opportunities to impact the lives of those around you– and at the very heart of the matter, that’s what it’s all about.

It’s time to RISE and shine.

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