57th Street Remodel Reveal

Hello Reveal Day! Reveals are so much fun and I love this before and after! One of my favorite things is being able to come into a space and not only make it beautiful, but functional! Design isn’t just about pretty fixtures, but understanding how people live and how to make life easier for them. Space planning is a major part of what I do and love (uhh, solving puzzles Tetris-style anyone?!) and this bathroom was in need of a gut to accommodate its new owners’ growing family.

They wanted their bathroom to be sleek and high contrast with a dose of warmth. Ideally, they loved the idea of a double vanity with storage, a larger walk-in shower, and a tub too (if possible!) since they have a baby. But if there wasn’t enough space, they’d have to decide which one to go with– the walk-in shower or a tub. So what did we do?! We gutted it all and started at square one! The footprint– and even the window placement– stayed the same. I really wanted to give them a tub and a shower, so I combined them into one giant wet space! It’s the best of both worlds and allows for all the splashing and laughing at bath time as their baby grows up without worrying about the floor getting wet! There’s plenty of space for the shower too and the hand-held plumbing makes it easy to spray anything– or anyone– down.

The floors are anchored with oversized black hexagon tiles and a contrasting grout on the vanity side and smaller black hexagon tiles on the shower floor. Matte white tiles line the shower walls and tub floor to ceiling while crisp white paint rounds out the space.

The tub has a white quartz ledge and all of the tile corners are detailed in a matte black Schluter that I absolutely love! And now, with the shower and tub combined, we gained more space for that double vanity! We did a floating teak vanity for that modern warmth, rectangular vessel sinks and matte black wall-mounted faucets. A large round mirror and glass pendants complete the space with the perfect aesthetic for them!

Buuuttt, I know you’re super curious about what it looked like before, right?! We’ll get there in a moment, but first a little backstory because sometimes you wonder what happened when a home was being built– like those super crazy-high “pot shelves” that no one can reach, let only dust. Things like that. In this case, our “what happened here?!” moment came as soon as I saw the bathroom layout.

Their bathroom actually had a good amount of space (which was such a win!), but the layout was so odd and not even close to functional. There was a single vanity, an awkward large cabinet and the smallest cave-like standing shower. “What happened here?!” was a very real moment! But, with a bit of work, this is what happens when you’re able to rearrange! So here you go– here’s the vanity and cabinet before it got turned into the new extra large shower space! (The window is the same in both photos!)

We said goodbye to that awkward cabinet and tub and traded up for a functional space!

Ahhh, what a difference! I loved being apart of this project and was so happy to see it come together, but even happier to know that they love their new space! Special thanks to Divin Construction for doing such an incredible job making this a reality! View the entire portfolio HERE!

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