Guns and Hoses

I love those boys! Every January, we make goals, set intentions and give ourselves permission to start fresh. But as a family, we also spend most of the month supporting our local law enforcement and firefighter communities with the Annual Guns and Hoses Game– and this year marked the 45th charity game! It’s something that Rob is so proud to be a part of and absolutely loved getting to bring Jackson to this year! (last year I was pregnant) Jackson was a champ and made everyone around us smile, took a nap(!) and got to see Daddy win! And how adorable is this custom jersey he was given?!

The game is always a good time and chance to catch up with guys from other departments. All of the players continually serve, protect and give of themselves daily for their communities and then have some fun playing in a charity football game! It’s a long-standing tradition, but also gives them a chance to honor their fellow officers and firefighters that are no longer with us and remind us that family and community are the most important things– coming together and being a part of something bigger than yourself and making a difference. Honestly, that’s really all we want– to make a positive impact on the world in everything we do. And because that starts with your family and community, this is one way we contribute! Scroll on for more photos and the history of the game!

What originally began as a Police vs. Sheriff “Pig Bowl” charity football game in 1974, has grown into the longest running non-profit public safety charity game in the US. In 2003, they switched it up to include firefighters and it became Guns and Hoses, (Law vs. Fire). The game draws crowds over 32,000 and in 2017 and 2018 alone, they donated over $100,000 to local charities. The past 12 years have combined for over $500,000 and over $1.5 million total throughout the past 45 years they’ve been playing! Local charities include the Firefighters Burn Institute, Sacramento Law Enforcement Chaplaincy, Sacramento City Fire Reserve Program, and Sacramento County Sheriff’s Toy Project among others.

Until next year!

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