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Putting together Jackson’s nursery was one of my favorite things! With an “Adventure Awaits” theme, his room is a combination of travel and tropical inspired products and design. More on the design later, (I promise!), but read on for our favorite products to help bring the nursery together!

SNOO, Happiest Baby: we absolutely love this bassinet! It’s currently in our room at the foot of our bed, but will move to the nursery in a few more weeks once Jackson is consistently sleeping through the night (he’s basically there, but I’m trying not to jinx myself!). We purchased this at a MAJOR discount (compared to retail) from one of our good friends who was through using it on her littles. She swore by it and we love everything about it. From the contemporary design, the amazing technology and the safety standpoint, we’re definitely fans. Since you can see how good it looks, let’s start with the technology. It has clips on each side that the SNOO sleep sack slide onto to let the SNOO know everything’s in place and it’s ready to turn on. The sleep sack is basically a baby straight-jacket—there’s a fabric band that Velcros together to keep their arms down at their side and then the sack zips up to their neck. When you turn it on, it starts out with white noise, but has four levels made to sense your baby’s motions to know and respond when they’re calm, fussing or crying. Each level has a specific amount of time associated with it and if they haven’t calmed down in Level 1, it goes to Level 2 and so on, each level rocking a bit more and the white noise getting a bit louder. If they haven’t calmed down by the end of Level 4, SNOO will send you a notification on your phone’s app to let you know it’s stopped and you need to come care for your child. This rarely happens to Jackson, but when it does, it’s mostly because he needs to be burped a bit more and then goes back down easy and falls asleep. We love knowing that he’s securely on his back and can’t roll anywhere and the sides of it are a breathable mesh too. It’s definitely costs a pretty penny, but we’ve seen it on sale on Amazon for hundreds less, so be sure to watch that for a little while before purchasing!

Babyletto Kiwi Swivel Glider Recliner with USB outlet: this is by far one of my favorite items! It’s well-designed, looks great and is super comfortable! It fits me well at 5’7”, but is also perfect for my husband at 6’2”. We wanted to make sure the back was high enough for his head and that he could recline in it comfortably too—check, check! The electric recliner is easy to use with the touch of a hand while feeding and the USB port comes in handy to charge your phone in the middle of the night. So incredibly thrilled with this chair!

Simmons 4-in-1 Convertible Crib, Paloma: I love the multipurpose use of this crib and the whitewash wood look. It’s well-made, durable and good-looking. However, it’s not one of the first things you’ll use. Your baby will sleep in a bassinet in your room for the first few months. Ours was set up before Jackson was born, but we’ve only used it a few times for his afternoon naps—we put the Dock in the crib and know he’s safe. The convertible pieces to make the toddler bed and full size bed are sold separately.

Jumbo Giraffe: I had to have this—it was probably more for me than anything else! Jackson’s nursery is a tropical, travel theme with palm leaves, philodendron, world maps and adventure signs. The giraffe fits right in and just makes me happy!

Elephant laundry basket: again, it completely fit the theme and I love the natural, woven texture. I love the size of it too because his clothes are smaller and don’t take up as much room, but also ensures the wash gets done in a timely manner!

Hide Rug: an easy Ikea purchase, the cognac shaped rug fits in perfectly in the nursery. I love the organic shape and the feel of it while barefoot—it’s so soft! Since it’s a natural product, it cleans up easily with spills, whether water, wine or spit up.

Dresser: another easy Ikea purchase. The Hemnes dresser doubles so well as a changing table with plenty of storage! We happened to get the floor model at a discount and painted it navy blue (Benjamin Moore, Hale Navy). I bought brushed brass hardware from Amazon and absolutely love how it turned out! We bought dividers from Ikea too so everything has its own space within the drawer.

Top row, left to right: [1] diapers, [2] 4 packs of white Ikea washcloths, awesome as burp rags!, [3] newborn onesies and socks, [4] 3-6 month onesies and clothes

Middle row, left to right: [1] medical and bath supplies, [2] swaddles (we have a ton!), cute bibs

Bottom row, left to right: [1] blankets, lobster towel, misc, [2] SNOO sacks, sound machine, misc

Fiddle Leaf Fig: I’ve found some good ones on Amazon before, but this one is from Hobby Lobby and I love the way it looks. It’s not the tallest, so I put it on a crate I had and voila!

Mini Closet: we bought the Hemnes cabinet from Ikea and made a few modifications so it functioned like we planned. I wanted to be able to hang some of Jackson’s onesies that we received that were larger sizes and not necessarily needed at the moment. We bought closet rod brackets and screwed them into the sides and used a narrow metal rod so the baby hangers would fit on it. We put two shelves down below and used more dividers to hold pants, hats, shoes and toys. I got brushed brass hardware pulls and we drilled an extra hole in the doors (since it came with a single knob) so it was secure.

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