Favorite Registry Products for Mama!

You already know my favorite registry products, but these are my faves for mama!  You can also find these on my Babylist registry: Brazier Babylist

Posh Peanut Maternity Pregnant Robe: I think I found Posh Peanut on Instagram one night—or IG stalked me and all my pregnancy searches and sent sponsored posts to my feed. Either way, I absolutely love my robe! I obviously wanted the tropical leaves, but there are a lot of cute patterns to choose from! I wore it at the hospital and it was so nice having my own robe that made me feel cute and a bit put-together after giving birth. All the nurses loved it too! I still wear it daily over two months in— every night for feedings and throughout the day when I’m just chilling at the house. It’s incredibly soft and I love the ¾ length sleeves. The belt is up high so you can wear it while pregnant too. The only down-side was that the color was really vibrant when I received it, but faded after one wash. I also wish there were pockets… because pockets make everything better!

Posh Peanut Matching Swaddle Set: again, I love this swaddle and cap set that matches my robe! These swaddles are stretchy and super soft! It makes for cute photos when mom and baby are matching at the hospital in something other than the hospital gown and blanket.

Milkmaid Goods Swaddle Set: I also love this swaddle and cap set! It’s so classic, preppy and American all in one—how could I pass it up?! These are also super stretchy and soft and I took his very first photos in this at the hospital and they are adorable! Just like Posh Peanut, they carry a variety of other mom and baby items like robes, nursing covers, dresses and diaper bags.

Milksnob Cover: another Shark Tank find! I love this cover! Besides being an adorable navy buffalo check, it completely covers the car seat to give privacy for a sleeping baby or even block the wind when needed. The opening at the top lets you check on baby too. It doubles as a nursing cover, which I’ve used as well! I’ve also used it as a blanket on him when in the car seat if I forgot a swaddle. It’s super soft and I get compliments on it all the time!

Snoogle Maternity Pillow: I ordered this early on in my pregnancy and absolutely loved it! It’s completely supportive for your entire body and I slept like a baby until my contractions started!

Mederma: stock up on this as soon as you start seeing stretch marks! I’m still using it and they’re slowly fading, but I’ve used it in the past on a major cut/burn and you’d never know I almost had a 4” scar across my neck!

Medela Pump n Style Advanced: this pump system is awesome! It’s not too loud, is easy to use, and gets the job done well. I’ve read that people complain about all of the parts and pieces, and while there are quite a few, it doesn’t bother me at all. We found this video on how to set up the system along with some tips that were really helpful. Another great video showing how one mom pumps 40oz a day.

Medela Easy Expression Hands-Free Bustier: when Rob first showed me this, I was like, no thanks, I’ll pass. But he got it for me anyway and man is it awesome! I call it “the contraption” but I’m saying a major ‘thank you’ to whoever invented this! I’m over two months in to breastfeeding and pumping is a daily routine, so being able to pump AND get things done is a win-win! I got the black one in a medium—the sizing chart on the package is accurate.

Medela Nursing Sleep Bra: again, I love this! Sleeping in a bra is a must after giving birth since your breasts need support with all the milk filling them up. I do wear nursing pads in them because when I didn’t, I woke up in a pool of milk! (Side note: I know a lot of tips say you can get panty liners and cut them in half to use as nursing pads since they are also absorbent with a sticky backing, but I ended up getting the Target brand nursing pads since they were about the same price as the liners and I wouldn’t have to cut them in half every time.) This bra is so comfortable and easy to pull aside when you’re half asleep in the middle of the night trying to feed. I have the black medium, but when I opened it up, I about died laughing. “So… is this medium for children?!” It looked sooo small, but totally fit when I put it on—the sizing on the package is actually accurate. I wear it every night and lots of times during the day too because it’s summer and I love the racerback with tank tops. Buy more than one!

Daisity Women’s Seamless Sleep Nursing Maternity Bra: I’ve also worn these at night, mainly just during the first couple weeks, but they’re also great during the day. They’re super comfortable, have more support and padding than the Medela mentioned above and have a clip that makes it easy to breastfeed. I wish they were racerback or convertible, but those are minor details. Again, I got the black set of 3 in medium—for $20, you can’t beat it!

Belly Bandit Flawless Belly: I loved having this, but didn’t wear it all the time. It’s made to support your growing belly and totally works! It’s basically spandex compression that lifts and supports your belly and I found it helped my lower back too as I got farther along. There were days when my belly felt so heavy and then I’d put this on and felt a million times better. There were also days when I felt like it was too tight or I got too hot because it’d been on so long. As soon as I took it off, I felt relief. There’s definitely a give and take! It’s perfect to use as a layering piece and lets you use lotions and oils on your belly without getting any on your clothes. It comes in black, white and nude—I got the black in a small and could wear it throughout my entire pregnancy! Although I didn’t use it post-partum, I’m sure it’d be good to wear in the first few weeks too!

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