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Hey there!

Before you begin reading about our current life, I figured I’d give a little backstory about us! It’s been over a decade since Rob and I first met on our college Track and Field team. We didn’t see each other much at practice and we didn’t really talk until our junior year either…. you know, your typical love-story beginning. He was a decathlete (10 events!) and I was a long and triple jumper. (He still says I’m the better athlete– I also have 13 years of competitive gymnastics prior to track– but he has better endurance by far!) By the end of our junior season, we had the same group of friends and hung out with everyone, but by our senior year, we were inseparable. We did everything together, whether shopping, cooking, going for motorcycle rides, and whatever random things I thought up– “hey, I’m going skydiving today…. wanna go?” And he did. We were both always up for adventures, being out and doing something new, so even when everyone else was staying in, we were still going out. And then we eventually started dating– ya, all of that was before we were together!

After graduation, I was working as an interior designer for an architecture firm downtown and he was going through the Academy for Law Enforcement. Our schedules were completely opposite and the first years together were by far the hardest on us.ย We learned a lot of lessons about life, love, communication and growing together that have ultimately led to the relationship we love today. After seven years together, we got engaged and married a few months later in Maui. We have strong beliefs that keep us grounded, connected and loving each other and incredibly thankful that we married our best friend.

Since then, we planted roots in Sacramento near family and friends. While Rob was going through backgrounds, he continued to hone his construction skills, building houses and doing finishing work. I love that I can design something and he can build it! Or he tells me I’m completely ridiculous– we’re definitely never scared to give our honest opinions! We finally found a Department to call home and couldn’t be happier with where we’ve ended up. We bought our first house, (and moved while pregnant!), got the most adorable Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy we named Zulu, welcomed our son Jackson Maverick, and started a new business all within a year. It’s been a whirlwind and we roll with the punches, always taking everything in stride– something you’ll hear more about later too!

Have fun scrolling through the camera roll below to help fill in some of the blanks over the years!


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