Turks + Caicos

With Turks and Caicos on my bucket list, I was super excited to go. We didn’t book an excursion here either, but chose to soak up the sun and sand and do a little more snorkeling. As we sailed into port, we could see around the entire island– so much smaller than we imagined, but the view was unbelievable! The water is stunning and the beaches are soft and white. There’s a bit more to do on this island than Half Moon Cay, like visit the lighthouse at the far end, but otherwise, you’re kicking back and enjoying the gorgeous beaches and clear blue waters. As we walked down the shore, we found local beer stands with amazing smelling food next to beach volleyball courts and umbrella-ed patio tables. The chaise lounges and umbrellas lined up on the beach were perfectly situated among the palm trees with super fine, white sand. Besides testing out the local Turks Head beer, we hydrated with a good-old island coconut carved up with a machete!

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