And I Don’t Even Know My Last Name

I mean, I do. And everyone at the wedding and our friends and family know. But everyone else– the rest of the world? Now, that’s a different story. A very different story! You’re finally married and enjoyed that honeymoon bliss, but then have to come home to the reality of the legality. The name change. And the p.r.o.c.e.s.s. of it all! So, to make it a bit easier, it’s all broken down below!

Social security…. Check.
DMV…. Check.
Finances…. Check.
Insurance…. Check.
Voting registration, membership cards, online shopping sites, utilities, cell phone plan, social media, software licenses, airline rewards, business cards and every other account imaginable that’s been set up due to an online log-in. Did you actually read all that (impressive!) Or was it exhausting? (that’s how I felt too!)

Needless to say, the process is long and just when you think you’ve finished, you run into another account that needs updating. Men, be grateful this isn’t your lot. Thank your wives if they’ve been there, done that… Maybe with a massage or mani/pedi…. Regardless of how long it’s been. (They’ll love the generous spontaneity.)

Sooo… Since I’ve already changed a laundry list, I’ve included it below to help you check your own boxes. And don’t worry, three years later, I’m still finding accounts to change- seriously.

Social Security: do this first! Take your certified marriage license (not a copy), your ID and birth certificate. Double check the days and hours– sometimes they change and you show up to a closed building. Not speaking from experience or anything haha!
– DMV: even though they asked if I had received my new social security card, they didn’t ask to see it. They did need the certified marriage license though. I took my new SS, ID, birth certificate and marriage license so I wouldn’t be turned away…. The absolute worst combination to carry around if your purse gets swiped! Remove immediately once complete!
Passport: you will have to pay for a new passport, even if yours isn’t expired
– Voter registration: you can do this at DMV as well as your donor status
– Membership cards: Costco, Sams Club, gym

Credit cards
Target card
Nordstrom card

Comcast/ cable
Verizon/ cell phone
Amazon Prime
Hulu, etc


– Email: first things first! Because on everything else, you’ll be changing your name and email
– Software Licenses: Norton, Microsoft, Adobe, Apple/ITunes
– Amazon, Ebay, Groupon, Craigslist, Paypal
– Social media: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, etc
– Hotels: Marriott, Hilton
– Travel: Uber, Lyft, VRBO, Airbnb, Southwest Rapid Rewards, Delta Skymiles, Travelzoo
– Shopping: Make Up, Clothes, Home (Bare Minerals, Nordstrom, Victoria’s Secret, Express, Crate + Barrel, Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn, etc)
– Stationary: Shutterfly, Minted, Tiny Prints, Vistaprint
– ESPN, fantasy football
– Shipping: UPS, FEDEX, USPS
– Subscription services: Blue Apron, StitchFix, Birchbox, FabFitFun, LeTote, Door Dash

Magazine subscriptions
Business cards

It’s quite the process– an even more ridiculous one since the invention of online accounts– but you’ll be so thrilled once it’s complete! Or at least you think it is and then you run across another account needing an update!

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