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As we’re still in the midst of uncertainty, I know that now more than ever, my mindset will determine my attitude, emotions, perspective and actions– and it takes faith and intention every day. For the first time in our lives, the world is essentially on lockdown– and all of the unknown can be scary. And while we’ve seen the world come together in incredible ways recently, there’s also been a multitude of shaming. I’m sure you’ve seen it as you scroll through your feeds. I know how I’m dealing with this and what I’m trying to do during this time, but it’s ok for others to feel differently. Some people are saying to take advantage of this time and others are binge-watching every show available. Some cry daily and others took a couple stumbles, but haven’t lost a beat. Your circumstances might be completely opposite of someone else’s, so while they’re using this time to get ahead, you might feel like you’re drowning at home with work and the influx of teaching your kids and trying to keep it all together. No one can tell you how to feel– much like with grief, everyone handles it their own way– yet at the same time, there are things we can do to help each other along the way so that no one stays stuck. And I think it starts here with these four things. And gratitude and grace. They’ve been at the top of my prayer list and I hope that if you’re struggling, these can be added to your prayers too.

It’s what I want for our friends that are nurses, police officers, firefighters, and teachers who are all sacrificing, changing shifts, adapting to new norms and working overtime. They’re incredible and selfless and are making an impact in a major way. I’ve hardly seen Rob this past week, but I know that the people he’s helping are dealing with much greater struggles and life-changing circumstances than my slight inconvenience that he isn’t home. I think he worked 90 hours this last week and is still going. He didn’t see Jackson for four days because he was gone before he got up and home after I put him to bed. He’s making an impact in people’s lives for the better– I know because I cried when I read what someone wrote to thank him– and I know there’s countless others that are doing the same. We owe them an immense amount of gratitude. And their spouses are sacrificing their time, energy, and health as well to be the support system for them to carry on. So to all the husbands and wives that are holding down the fort, keep the faith– you’ve got this. To everyone feeling overwhelmed or scared, know that there’s enough grace to go around. To everyone feeling helpless, go help someone else. To everyone who is safe and healthy, stay grateful. Stay strong. Everyone is dealing in their own way, but let’s stay in it together, with a kind heart, a wise mind, a brave spirit and bold faith.

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