We’re In This Together!

Life is looking a little different this week and I get it. The unknown of it all. From the chaotic masses to the deserted streets. It’s constantly changing and no one really knows what’s going to happen. Some of us are working from home now– and others are working from home with toddlers and kids in tow! #lifewithatwoyearold

It’s a juggling act that no one signed up for, but I’m making the best of it and want to encourage you along the way too! Here’s what I’ve learned and what we’re doing in our household!


CONTROL WHAT YOU CAN: this is something I learned from my college coach that has served me so well! One thing that really resonated was her emphasis on controlling what you can. Being an indoor and outdoor sport, we had our fair share of weather to battle, whether it was rain, sleet, wind or high altitude– even hosting Championships in 108 degrees. We obviously could never control the weather, but we could be prepared as best as possible. Plenty of sweats, rain gear or Gatorade and water, whatever was needed. But the main importance of this was a shift in perspective and how you deal with those issues. You can’t control the rain or the heat, so don’t waste any energy worrying about them! Focus on what you can control and make the best of the situation.

For me, this means that joy is a choice. My energy is a choice. My outlook and perspective is a choice. My attitude is a choice. Those are things I am completely in control of regardless of the situation. My response is what’s important. I’m actively looking for solutions to the problem and not causing more of them. I’m still in control of my goals and dreams and the effort I put into them, though it might be more flexible than before. And in today’s climate, it means all of this and more. Like being as prepared as possible with food and meal plans, and something for my two year old nugget to do!

MOVE YOUR BODY! Even if that means taking the dog for a walk, just get up and get going! Have a dance party with your kids! Moving your body will only make a positive impact on your mental and physical health– a win-win! Our Shamrock’n Half Marathon was supposed to be this past Sunday and eventually got postponed. I was super bummed that I’d just trained to run my first-ever half marathon and check that goal off my list, but completely understood the situation and knew I had ZERO control. There was absolutely nothing for me to be angry, upset, frustrated or anxious about. That wouldn’t serve anyone. We’ll run when we can. ANNND, there have been times when athletes have trained their entire life for the Olympics, only to have them cancelled! Talk about heartbreaking! So although it was disappointing, my situation couldn’t even compare to that. It’s all about perspective.

In the meantime, I’ve put in 107 miles during training and couldn’t be more proud of myself! This number would have literally been zero normally, so the fact that I made a commitment to do this was really about the journey to get to this goal. I finished the week at 110.5 miles and continue to go for my runs– I just bundle up Jackson and take him and Zulu with me! Staying consistent in my workouts is so important!

CONSISTENT ROUTINES: I’m trying my best to keep my habits and routines the same. Getting up at the same time, working out at the same time, eating the same kind of breakfast, lunches and dinners, and making sure I get good sleep. I’m a notorious night-owl, but have been working on going to bed at a decent time because I know how important sleep is. Jackson helps keep us on a routine because lunch, nap time, dinner, bath and bed are all staying the same for him. He has no idea what’s going on and I need to keep things as normal as possible for him– in routine and attitude! There’s obviously a lot more flexibility having him home, but it’s just as good for me as it is for him!


COMMUNICATION: everyone is going through a different scenario of the same thing. You are not alone! It’s important to check in on your friends– and yes, the strong ones too!– and be open with your spouse or partner with how you’re feeling. We’re proactively talking through the ever-changing circumstances and what that means for our schedules and how it affects our marriage and time together. It’s hard times that make or break us and we’re committed to growing stronger together through it all. Focus on what you can strengthen and work towards together!


COOKING: we love to cook, but sometimes life just gets busy and it’s easier to grab something (healthy-ish) on the go. Staying in right now means I just need to be better at planning the dinner menu– which I did. We’ve had spaghetti, steak salads, corned beef and cabbage (St. Patrick’s Day!), and have stir fry, enchiladas, stuffed bell peppers, fajitas, and mango chicken coming up. There’s always leftovers for lunches or dinners, so those will get us through the next week and a half easily. We didn’t buy anything at the store this weekend that we normally wouldn’t. No extra junk food, no extra snacks, no “comfort food.” Staying healthy starts with what you put in your body! And drinking water!


CHOOSING FAITH OVER FEAR: As the basis for my life and decisions, faith plays the most important role in the ability to shift my mindset and perspective. It grounds me and gives me peace. I’m more than grateful that we have a place to shelter this storm and am incredibly thankful for the first responders who don’t have that ability and are taking care of the community. Rob’s schedule is ever-changing and none of us know what it will look like over the next few weeks because something new comes up every day. Our church has switched to online services and ultimately I know God’s in control. I’m thankful that I can work from home and still be here to serve you whether in person or virtually! It’s always my goal to inspire and provide more joy in your home!

Although, it’s not be ideal and I know there are plenty of struggles ahead, it’s a time to rest, reflect, look for joy, find gratitude, appreciate the little things, workout, read, cook, bake, create, meditate, pray, dream, and work on your goals. Because this will pass. And when that time comes, I’m hoping to say I learned something new, grew, and made more progress towards my long term vision and ultimately came out stronger.

Wishing the same for you and safety to your family!

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