Top 5 Trends at Vegas Market 2020

I can’t believe Las Vegas Market was already a week ago! It’s a whirlwind, it’s exciting, it’s fun, it’s exhausting, but more than anything else, it’s important to get out, get inspired and take time to grow in your industry. There were tons of new products– and yes, I basically sit on every chair and sofa to test out their comfort– but certain colors and details kept coming up over and over throughout the showrooms. I took a ridiculous amount of photos, (which is pretty normal!), and have rounded up the styles below!


It was everywhere! Chairs in natural, weathered and colored cane were present all over the place, and it was even inset on consoles and tables for added detail. There were classic, modern and contemporary chair styles, but the common thread was in the placement of it– the cane was on the sides and back and all of the seats had cushions! If you’re looking for a bit of caning accent in your style, I guarantee you’ll find it! I personally love the chair in the first image here!



Even though it’s not the color of the year, it was definitely a favorite for the showrooms! It’s soft, subtle, yet interesting, and can easily be seen as a neutral. Sofas, chairs, lamps, and accessories donned this color in varying shades, fabrics and leathers. I think I would go for the cut velvet in this color like in the first image below!



Ok, now it’s time for the color of the year! It’s no secret this is my fave and has always been a neutral in my book. Sofas, chairs, consoles, rugs, pillows, artwork, blankets– you name it, it’s in navy. It’s classic and timeless, but adds interest in all the right ways whether anchoring your space on the floor or accenting your walls with wallpaper or artwork!



It’s still rocking! From lighting and chairs to tables and rugs, there’s no shortage of supply for this textured style! It can easily stand alone on its own, but I love the contrast when paired with a frame (or two contrasting colors woven together like the middle chair in the second row!) or paired with color like in the bottom left image of the rug– it’s a close-up of Justina Blakeney’s new line and shows the gorgeous woven pattern detail with a solid color behind it– and it comes in multiple colors too! Sometimes we tend to think of the woven or rope style as boho or farmhouse, but I really love the versatility of this material because it can actually fit any style– the top right chandelier will always be one of my faves and the chandelier and sconces in the third row are brand new from Martyn Lawrence Bullard for Corbett Lighting and prove it can be sophisticated!



I love a good juxtaposition and feel that mixing materials is one of the best ways to add interest. Wood with metal? Check. Leather accents? Check. Detailed frames? Yes and yes. Chairs, consoles, tables, and lighting all take part in showing off their different sides and I love it!



What’s Market without seeing a few fun and funky pieces?! From animals, faux silks (middle third row!), unique table tops, conversation-starting artwork (infinity art, neon LED boxes and bubble wrap!) and dimensional wall art and sculptures, there was definitely something for every style!


Well, that does it! As always, if you see something you can’t live without, shoot me an email ( with the picture and we’ll get you going!

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