Designing for Moments Like This

It was about this time last year– or maybe even a couple days closer to Christmas– that I swung by a client’s house to drop off an end-of-year gift to thank them for being so amazing and supportive.

It was supposed to be real quick. A drop on the doorstep and a quick text or email to say that something was there.

But as I walked up, I could see their dining table through the front window filled with friends and family, all laughing, talking and having the best time. In a split second, my client saw me and excitedly waved with a giant grin as I walked up. I held up my hand with the bag to show I had something for her and she greeted me at the front door a couple seconds later.

The energy in their home was full of excitement, warmth and love. She introduced me to their family and friends and invited me to stay for a while even though I told her I would be quick– but I ended up staying and getting Rob and Jackson from the car too!

I had just finished their kitchen remodel a month prior, but as I walked in that day, I couldn’t even see the counter tops.

Every inch of the counters and island were filled with food of all sorts – appetizers, veggies, desserts, drinks, favorite dishes, and a giant prosciutto ham that was so delicious!

My heart was so happy I could’ve cried seeing everyone having such a wonderful time together– their brand new space was filled with loved ones and doing exactly what it was built for!

Thankful was an understatement.

This was such a rare and special moment for me to unexpectedly walk in on and will always make me a bit overwhelmed with gratitude when I think of it.

Sometimes the photoshoot is one of the last days I see a project, which means the space clean and uncluttered, but on this day, I got to see the real-life-in-the-making-moments that it was built for and I couldn’t have been happier to see them all enjoying their new space so much!

At the end of the day, I’m designing for moments like this– the memories you make in a space you love.

As we close in on the Christmas and New Year festivities, I hope your home is filled with memories like these that make your heart happy and fill you with holiday cheer!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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